We score the results of treatment of today's world epidemic disease - obesity.

Mission of WLSR

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge services to bariatric specialist offering free, efficient and smart data reports of their bariatric procedures.

How WLSR works?

Registered specialists can easily, submit bariatric data on their own account, at no charge. WLSR automatically builds statistical reports, so it's easy to evaluate them and gather much overall information. WLSR will help you transfer data into valuable information. Are you a bariatric specialist? Read how to join.

Is my data secure?

We store no personal information in the WLSR database: there are no names, just anonymous identification data of patients submitted by surgeons. To match reports with a particular patient it is necessary to have a key, which is stored by a bariatric specialist outside the internet. For providing even more security the data in our locked database is ciphered by secret code and the connection with our DataManager is established through secured protocol SSL/https assigned by skok.cz.
WLSR WLSR - Weight Loss Surgery Results
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