We score the results of treatment of today's world epidemic disease - obesity.

Bariatric surgery

The term bariatric surgery is derived from the Ancient Greek "bari" (heavy) and is used for surgery procedures dedicated to obesity treatment. This narrow field of surgery has become very important since the end of 20th century. About 50 different bariatric procedures have been designed; some of the most frequent are these:
  • Adjustable Gastric Band;
  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass;
  • Gastric Sleeve Resection.
laparoscopic bariatric procedure
The distribution of obesity is growing epidemically to pandemically. Obesity causes a number of diseases, which evidently shorten live and diminish the quality of life. Conservative treatments do not achieve sufficient long-term effects and the failure to treat this epidemic of obesity effectively has economic and social repercussions.
These wider conditions, in addition to individual need give justification for a new approach - bariatric surgery, which is demonstrably the most efficient cure for obesity with steady weight loss results. The mission of bariatric surgery is to decrease the health risks of obesity by reducing weight. Bariatrics is not a cosmetic or aesthetic surgery and is not directed only by the patient's wish. Obesity surgery as a life-saving method is indicated only at high BMI levels, high health risks and other conditions internationally accepted by specialists within different fields of study. Indication criteria are considered namely by:
  1. internist, resp. diabetologist or endokrinologist,
  2. psychologist or psychiatrist,
  3. nutrition therapist, dietologist and
  4. specialised bariatric surgeon.
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