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General terms of use

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Terms of use of DataManager WLSR

Bariatric specialist (member with access do data manager wlsr.eu) by contributing to the WLSR project is (by logging in and input of data) authorizes provider of WLSR.euVOLO.cz for processing of inputed data.
  1. The provider is obliged to save and store submitted data to a database on the internet and to provide the member with statistics, including the progress of BMI, Excess weight, comorbidities, via online application.
  2. The provider is obliged not to provide the data to a third person. The provider undertook administrative and technical actions in order to protect the data he is authorized to process, including:
    • secured data tansfer SSL/https with a certificate by THINline interactive, s.r.o.
    • encryption of identification data in the database
    Despite the high effort the provider cares about the security of the data, it is neccessary to warn, that at this time there is no security system on the internet, which would be unbridgeable.
  3. The member is obliged to input anonymous data only. The member is obliged to store the key, which is used to assign the stored data to a particular person ("Key") at a secure place offline.
  4. The member is acknowledged of his responsibility that his access password nor the Key shall not be misused.
  5. The member agrees to process his data into the global statistics of WLSR and the publication af the overall data on the internet.
  6. The essential part of terms governing the use of the DataManager are the General terms of use (above).

This terms may be changed or broadened at any time.
This terms are governed by the law system of Czech republic.
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