We score the results of treatment of today's world epidemic disease - obesity.

What WLSR measures

WLSR service offers submitting, tracking, and reporting of these three general categories:
  1. Information evaluated from patient's weight
    • Weight [kg]
    • BMI (Body Mass index)
    • EW (Excess weight)
    • % Excess Weight loss: number of percent of initial EW, which have been lost [%]
    • % Excess BMI loss: number of percent of initial BMI over normal BMI, which have been lost [%]
    • Data evaluated from patient's weight
  2. Comorbidities (additional diseases)
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes (DM)
    • Dyslipidemy
    • Sleep apnoea syndrome (SAS)
    • Other
    • Comorbidities in general
    • Comorbidities
  3. Obesity treatment scoring according to BAROS.
    B.A.R.O.S. (Bariatric Analysis and Reporting Outcome System) scores change in quality of life (QoL) after bariatric procedures. It measures patient's weight loss, comorbidities and psychological well-being.
    Weight loss surgery scoring according to BAROS.


Definition of the formulas and mechanisms used in formulating results can be found in the documentation.
WLSR WLSR - Weight Loss Surgery Results
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